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Welcome to the Valence Funding Network (VFN) Investors Group. We’ve brought together the greatest venture capitalists from around the world that represent various stages and sectors of focus but share an important attribute: a readiness to invest in Black founders. We reimagine the status quo where Black founders receive less than 1% of global venture funding and serve as a new, uplifting community that provides skills, relationships, and resources to accelerate founders' access to meaningful capital. If you are an investor looking to join the network, then please Request to Join this group. Then, tell us a bit more about yourself, your fund, and the deals you’re hoping to get connected to by filling out this form here: A member of our team will reach out to you no later than 2 weeks after your submission.
The VFN provides access to new deal flow, connections to top Black founders, mentorship opportunities, events, trend reports, and more.
If you are a founder, then please join our Founders Only Group instead of this one. Founders may also explore the profiles of the investors in this group here to determine who may be a fit for your needs. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to directly reach out to any investor in this network yourself simply via Valence!
If you have any questions, ideas, concerns, or feedback, then please contact [email protected].


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