VALENCE NEWS May 27, 2020

ANNOUNCING THE VALENCE BOOST CHALLENGE: Uniting Power Players with Next-Gen Leaders

Sometimes the villain is too much for just one hero to handle. To be beaten, the good guys have to clique up. Here at Valence, we’ve identified a nemesis stifling young professionals in the Black community’s already rocky journey towards upward mobility: COVID-19.

It’s no secret that African Americans are uniquely suffering from the effects of the novel coronavirus. Along with structural racism, it’s bruising us at an alarming rate. ABC News confirms that we are twice as likely to die from COVID than whites in New York City. Major urbs like Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta have similarly lopsided figures. And when it comes to the business market, Blacks are also prone to lose their jobs. It’s caused a surge not only in unemployment but hopelessness. A recent Bloomberg headline says it plain: “COVID-19 Is Hurting Black Americans More in Almost Every Way.”

With more opportunities being snatched away than any time in recent memory, the next generation of Black leaders is in danger of being left behind—directionless with internships and full-time roles tabled as they enter the workforce. We have who and what it takes to close the wealth gap before it bursts wide open: Our Spotlights and The Boost Challenge.

Think of The Spotlights as Valence’s take on The Avengers or The Justice League. They’re an all-star collection of successful, grizzled veterans in their fields who are uniting to help the next wave dodge financial doom and ascend to greater heights. Marquee leaders joined Valence and will galvanize using the network’s boost power to offer mentorship, expertise, and advice to ensure that promising minds aren’t lost in this season of despair.

Featuring Industry Power Players Like Omar Johnson (Founder, ØPUS), Maisha C. Leek (Partner at Human Ventures), Kenny Mitchell (CMO, Snap), Michael Johnson (Olympic Gold Medalist) and More

On May 27 they’ll kick off our call to arms—the Boost Challenge, inviting both bosses and young professionals on the come up to bond for the good of our community. Valence’s Boost feature makes it easy to connect 1-1 with Black leaders for quick feedback on a variety of subjects. Have knowledge to share? Provide your insight as a Boost to other Valence members. Sign up for Valence and once you’re approved for membership, you can request a 30-minute Boost from some of the most respected and talented members of our community.

Bend the ear of multi-Grammy award-winning engineer and educator Derek Ali (responsible for crafting classic albums and singles from Kendrick Lamar, Summer Walker, SZA…), chat with the marketing leaders of ubiquitous products like Beats by Dre headphones or Snap, and talk shop with innovators & creatives building brands like Nike and Netflix.

This summer Valence is also partnering with Silicon Valley Bank to host monthly virtual events to enlighten and inspire our community, featuring several Spotlights again lending their time and voices. Understanding that weight lessens when many hands lift, the Boost Challenge’s goal of 5000 boosts in the following three months is one we approach with much love and dedication. Though the campaign begins with the Spotlights leading the charge, the message is clear: We can all bond, chip in, and win.

Here's How To Join:


  1. Join Valence (or login if you’re already a member & click here offer Boosts)
  2. Once your profile is approved, you’ll be able to select from a variety of topics to offer up as a Boost
  3. Accept or Decline Boost requests from the dashboard.
  4. Connect directly to schedule your Boost session


  1. Join Valence (or login if you're already a member)
  2. Once your profile is approved, you can filter for members who are offering Boosts
  3. Apply for the Boost you want on a Member’s profile
  4. You’ll receive an email when your Boost request has been accepted or declined & can manage them in your dashboard here.

*BOOST RULES: Boosts are a 1-1 coaching session and should not take more than 30 minutes to complete, so keep your asks in check. Respect everyone’s time, only apply for support for items a member has indicated they can offer help with. There is no guarantee your request will be accepted but we will let you know either way via email.

Email us at [email protected] with any questions.